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Role of visuals in branding

Among the growing competition in the market, the initial and most important aim of everymarketer, either in the field of IT, corporate, business, or entertainment, is to be at the top. Everyindividual or an organization want to grab their audience’s attention and be popular amongstthem. Modern marketers try a lot of tactics to beat their competition and position themselves inthe market. Most of those tactics fail to impress the position of the marketers. They have becomeso much stuck in looking for new formulas that they have started ignoring the value of visuals intheir branding.

Well established brands like sephora, katespade New York , club factory etc. have prioritizedtheir visual presentation among the audience . If you ever look at their ads on instagram or theirwebsite, you’ll find them so aesthetic and satisfying for your eyes. Here is the example of howbeautifully they represent their brand.

What visual branding actually defines?

Branding is a term defined for creating an identity of a brand in the minds of the audience andmaintaining a goodwill among them. All the visual aspects you add to your branding is knownvisual branding. To be more specific, visual in an ad defines all the illustrations, logo, font sizeand style, design, colors that together make an ad look aesthetic. Visual branding attracts theaudience to a brand and keeps them involved to know more about the brand. Visuals relevant tothe business of the brand add up a sense to the branding and make it easier for people tounderstand what exactly the brand offers.

Why is it important?

To attract right client
If a brand is attractive enough to catch the attention of anybody, it can surely attract thetargeted audience. The branding of a brand should be done in a way that it is worthy to beknown among people. The aim of every company is to create an identity and visuals canhelp a brand to achieve so.


A well presented brand builds trust among the audience. It makes them feel that the brandis accountable and can be considered credible to work with.

Making impression as polished and professional
Human mind believes what it sees. Therefore, a well organized representation of a brandmay make the audience believe that the organization is professional in their field and arenot ordinary.

Example: a photography studio may present their best of works to their clients to makethem believe that they are a professional team.

Sets you apart from the competition
Let’s take an example of online clothing brands, plenty of them are available these days .The reason why certain brands are more popular than others is because they haveeffective visual branding. Brands like Myntra, Amazon, flipkart have achieved a positionin the market place because of their visual representation.
To conclude, visuals are one of the most important tactics marketers should use forbranding because they help to capture audience’s attention, create a recognition of thebrand and help reach the consumer’s interest.

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