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It is estimated that around 63% of businesses these days are turning to promotion of their brand through corporate videos. Why have corporate brand videos become such a big necessity in today’s era and why it’s almost impossible to ignore this fast-emerging trend? Let’s find out:

Creative Marketing: Gone are the days when you’d choose to go with a classified ad to get your brand noticed among your target audience. Even the regular digital banner advertisement is getting lost in the deluge of social media ads which heavily make use of rich video content. Nowadays, when the attention span of an average customer is in nano-seconds, it’s important to serve them with something that they cannot possibly ignore. Here comes the need of creative video marketing. Corporate videos present a light and fun way of showcasing your particular brand/service which has certainly a higher probability of being watched by the target market.

Corporate Videos Are Not That Expensive: A lot of people are still not taking the plunge in the world of corporate videos is because they think that getting a corporate video made can burn a big hole in their pocket. The truth is that corporate videos do not need to have the budget of a Hollywood movie or other top productions. As long as there is focus on the product uses and trends of the industry, the corporate video can be made within shoe-string budget as well. Here’s what the knowledge and experience of the right professional is needed!

Good SEO: Any professional involved in the business of online brand building knows the value of a good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of any digital promotion activity. The good news is that the search engines these days are in favour of videos. If your corporate video is properly made with the right tags and description besides providing a solution to the highlighted problem, you stand a very good chance of being ranked high in search engines including Google.

Preferred by the current generation: Whoever said that a picture can speak a thousand words was undoubtedly right but we wonder what his/her take on a video must be? Our experience says that a video can in fact, speak no less than about ten thousand words! Such is the power of video content in the current era especially amongst the present generation. Videos are considered far more appealing to the brain and eyes than a picture stuffed with text allover. People want to watch a video because it delivers the message in a concise manner and provides a call to action (CTA) as well.

Brand Awareness : If a video is filmed right, a corporate video will give you the chance to talk about your story in an engaging and riveting manner. This can lead to more brand awareness (embedded in a creative manner in the video) resulting in more conversions and hot leads for the future.

So, the conclusion is that making a corporate video promoting your brand or service is the need of the hour. Don’t be left behind and hire a video production house soon.

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